Star Books

Cut stars from paper. Stack 4-6 stars and staple together at one point. Add these to the art center or writing center during this theme to encourage book making.

Sun Art

Cut sun shapes from foil to paint on at the easel. Hang them around the room as decorations during the sky unit.

Edible Birds Nests

Melt chocolate bars and stir in chow mein noodles. Form the mixture onto the bottom and sides of muffin tin sections. Put in the refrigerator to harden. Remove from the tin and garnish with jellybean eggs.

Birds of a Feather

Have the children sit in a circle with their hands behind their backs. Secretly place a different color feather in each child's hand so that there are at least two of each color passed out. On "go!" have the children as quickly as possible figure out what color feather they have and seek out other "birds" with the same color feathers. Sit by the new partners for the next game and play again.