Sunny Talk

Give each child a paper plate. Give them a few minutes to draw a sun on one side of the plate and a moon on the other side. Then give them examples of activities and ask them to show you if they are done during the day or night by showing you the correct side of their paper plate. Be sure to include things that happen during either time (such as sleeping, eating, taking a bath)


talks about self

shares ideas

participates in group discussions

To the Moon

Spend time in small groups planning a trip to the moon. First talk about how there is nothing on the moon and anything you may need you have to take with you. As you plan, make a list of things you will need to take with you so the group can do what they have planned. Younger children may need to be asked specific questions to get them started such as "What would you want to eat when you go?" and "What kinds of things will you want to do for fun?" As you discuss the trip provide crayons and paper for the children to draw pictures of the trip. Display the pictures along with the lists for the parents.


tells simple narratives

participates in group discussions

Sky Museum

Instruct the children ahead of time to bring in on this day something that may be found in the sky. **Anytime children bring something from home be sure to insist that everyone in the group show the proper respect for what is brought.** Encourage each child to tell something about the item they brought. Also allow them to instruct the other children about any special rules they have about what they brought (like use two hands to hold it, or don't shake it, etc.) Pass the items around one at a time and have each child tell something they like about each item. Display the items in a safe place in the classroom as though they were on display in a museum. Place a card next to each item with the name of the child who brought it and the information he gave about it along with the comments the other children made about it. Keep the items on display during the sky unit.


takes care of things that belong to others

Weather Report

Play a tape of a weather forecast. Talk about what a weather forecaster does and the tools used. Provide a felt or magnet weather set and have the children practice giving a weather forecast to each other.


understand roles of people

Cloud Catch

Spread a clean sheet over a large floor area. Children should wash their hands before participating in this activity. Children sit on the edge of the sheet facing inward. Give each child a cup and a handful of marshmallows to put on the sheet in front of them. The first child picks up a marshmallow and tossed it to the child next to them. If that child catches the marshmallow they get to put it in their cup. Then they pick up a marshmallow from the sheet and toss it to the next person. If a child does not catch a marshmallow tossed to them they pick up the one they dropped and toss that one to the next person. Continue play until timer runs out (10 minutes) or all the marshmallows are caught. Put the marshmallows in a baggie or let the children eat them before they leave group time.


throws and catches objects

Weather Wise

Bring several items that people use during different types of weather. Include items such as an umbrella, rain hat, rain boots, scarf, sunglasses, visor, sunblock, bathing suit, gloves, etc.) Have children take turns choosing an item, naming it and telling what weather you would use it for. Items can them be put in the home center for extended play.


increases vocabulary