Countless Stars

Place star cut outs under a cloth. Remove a certain number secretly. Uncover and ask how many stars are left. Older children could try to guess how many stars you took away.


one-to-one correspondence

names numerals

counts objects

Shape Shadows

Create BINGO cards by drawing shapes in the spaces on the blank cards. Use a projector or bright lamp to create shadows of shapes on the wall. Kids use bingo chips to cover up the shapes they see on their cards. Play until everyone covers up all the shapes.


positional words

shape recognition

Sky Surprise

Create a sky folder game using the template. Provide a collection of pictures or objects that may be found in the sky (such as balloon, bird, cloud, plane). Also include a few objects that are not found in the sky. Players take turns choosing a card (or object). If it is something found in the sky they move forward 2 spaces. If it is not found in the sky they move back 1 space. Continue until everyone reaches the moon!


follows rules and routines

What's Up?

Create a two identical sets of cards with pictures of things found in the sky. Place one set of the cards face down onto the floor. The teacher holds the second set. Show one card. The first child jumps to a card on the floor and turns it over. If it matches the one the teacher is holding the child gets to keep the matching cards. If it doesn't match the child turns the card back over and the next child gets to try and jump to the match. Play continues until the match is found. Then the teacher holds up the next card to match. Keep going until all the cards are found.


demonstrates dynamic balance by jumping

Star Words

Cut 4 or 5 stars from stiff construction paper or poster board. Cut on the dotted lines to remove the points. Write one letter on each point (you can write upper case on one side and lower case on the back). Give each child in your small group the middle section of a star (pentagon). Place the points in a bag or basket. Each child takes a turn choosing a point and trying to name the letter on it. They can name the upper or lower case. If they name it they get to add that point to their star. Play until everyone has all 5 points. Children who finish early can choose someone to help out for the rest of the game.


recognizes letters