Family Photos

Send a note home early in the week or month about bringing in a family photo by this date. Have the children bring their family photos to group time. Spend time letting each child tell something about their family - things they do together, names of those in the picture, where it was taken and when, etc. Pay attention to see if the other children are respectful of those who are speaking and if they are kind when they get to see someone's picture.


uses respectful words

shoes respect for others and their property

listens to others who are speaking

The Great Big Carrot

The teacher sits on the floor as the carrot. Have each child choose a family member to be. You may want to make family member cards to help them and you remember which one they are. Tell a story while the children act it out. First have one family member plant the carrot seed (the teacher). When the carrot grew bigger he tries to pull the carrot out. The first child then grabs the teacher's hands and tries to pull her to her feet. But the carrot wouldn't come out. The next family member pulls on the first family member while the first family member pulls on the carrot. Continue in this way until the last family member pulls on everyone and the carrot finally pops out of the ground. At this point the teacher pops up and everyone pretends to eat the carrot up. The children LOVE this activity and enjoy trying to pull the teacher to her feet.


participates in movement activities and games