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Ant Colony
The Ant Hill
Ant Trails
Ants on a Log
Ants on a Picnic
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Bug Eyes
Bug Factory
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Bug Lotto
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Bug Obstacle Course
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Bug Sorting
Butterfly B's
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Butterfly Stages
Butterfly Toast
Butterfly Wing Match
Caterpillar Explore
Caterpillar Hunt
Caterpillar Story
Caterpillar to Butterfly
Community Web
Egg Carton Bees
Feeding Bugs
Feet Butterflies
A Fly is on my Toe
Honey Comb
How Many Ants?
Ladybug Spot Counting
Ladybug Spots
Not All Spiders Spin
Observing Ants
Pesky Pests
Plastic Bugs 
Playdough Worms
Rhyming Flowers
Spelling Bees
Spider Maze
Spider Legs
Spider Race
Spider Web Marble Paint
Symmetrical Butterflies
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We're Going on a Bug Hunt
What About Bugs?
Window Butterflies
Worm Hunt