Bug Catchers

There are lots of commercially made bug catchers out there or you can make your own.
Cut a window from the side of an oatmeal container and tape pantyhose or screen over the hole.

Dig a hole and place a small margarine tub in it so that the lip of the bowl is flush with the ground. Place a piece of fruit in the bowl. The bugs will go in for the fruit but the sides will be too slick for it to crawl back out. Check often so the bug doesn't die before you get to it.

Clean out a plastic peanut butter jar and poke holes around the top with a pushpin.

Transport bugs in microwave meal containers. They have lids that already have holes for venting.

Bug Bowls

Create props or puppets by painting upside down paper bowls to look like bugs. Add features with colored paper, sequins, google eyes, etc.

Feeding Bugs

If you are going to capture bugs and keep them for any length of time remember to feed them!
ants - drops of honey, raw meat, apples, bananas, etc.
grasshoppers - fruit & vegetables
praying mantis - fruit flies
ladybugs & beetles - fruit, boiled potatoes
crickets - raw vegetables, fruit, dog biscuits, crackers
bees & butterflies - set free
all bugs need water - place a few water drops on a leaf and set in the cage daily

Plastic Bugs

You can buy plastic ants and bugs from a preschool supply catelog or online from Oriental Trading Co.