Bug Folder Game

Cut out frog shapes with long tongues. Divide the tongues into sections. Use small fly toys or cutouts.

Children take turns rolling a 1,2,3 dice and putting that number of flies on their frog's tongue.


one to one correspondence

number recognition


How Many Ants?

Cut ant shapes or pictures from stiff paper. Attach magnets to the backs. Cut a piece of white contact paper to fit in a metal cookie sheet. Draw a cross section of an anthill showing the tunnels. Provide a homemade dice (from a small wooden cube) with red 1,2,3 and green 1,2,3.
Kids roll the dice. If they get a green 1,2,3 they put that number of ants in the anthill. If they get a red 1,2,3 they take that number of ants off of the anthill. Talk about why the ants are going in and out of the hill. Be sure to talk about the queen ant at the bottom and how the other ants take care of her and how they bring in food to store and care for the babies.


counts objects

recognizes numerals

Butterfly Wing Match

Decorate butterfly cutouts so that the wings match. Cut the butterflies in half and turn the wings upside down.
Take turns choosing two wings and trying to find a match. Children may want to try to create their own butterflies for this game (see Symmetrical Butterflies)


matches like objects

Bug Lotto

Create one 9x9 game boards with bug stickers for each child in the small group. Make matching sets of cards out of the same stickers, one set per game board.
Place the cards face down and have the children take turns choosing one card and placing it on their game board until it is full. Children who finish first should continue to choose a card on their turn and give it to someone who needs it until every child finishes the game.


matches like objects

Spider Legs

Cut spider bodies from stiff cardboard or posterboard. Color Clothespins 8 different colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black), one set for each player. Put all the clothespins in a bag.
Take turns pulling a clothespin out of the bag and clipping it to the spider bodies until each player has all 8 colors on their spiders. If children pull a color they already have, encourage them to give it to someone who still needs that color.


strengthens hand