Clothes Wash

Provide tubs of soapy water and aprons. Allow children to wash baby clothes in the tubs and then hang them to dry on a chain length fence or stretch of clothesline. **Be sure to hang the clothesline out of the way so children will not run into it.


participates in class jobs
understands roles of people in society

Relay Races

Have races where the kids move in different ways. Tell them to race like kangaroos, trains, tornadoes, etc. Put more emphasis on how well the children are doing the movements than how fast they are.


moves in different ways

Obstacle Course

Being healthy means exercise!! Use mats, balance beams, tires, cones, hula hoops, etc. to set up an obstacle course. Be sure to demonstrate the course well before you begin so the children know how to be safe as they go. Allow only one child to run the course as the other children clap and cheer. Do this activity many times, allowing the children to help you come up with variations in the course each day.


walks on tip toe

walks backward

Hug Tag

Play this game like Freeze Tag where one child freezes people and the other children unfreeze each other. But, instead of having them tag each other to unfreeze them, have them hug each other. When children are frozen, have them open their arms so that another child will actually hug them instead of just tackle them.


examines situations from another perspective

uses visual cues to name how others are feeling